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Will my supply take a hit?

If I don't pump again today?  I fed LO at 5am, pumped at 10am and haven't pumped since.  I will feed her again at 3pm but have a ton of work to do and can't get away.  If I skip my 1:45pm pumping will my supply take a huge hit tomorrow?
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Re: Will my supply take a hit?

  • You will be fine. Just don't make a habbit of it unless you have a large stash.
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  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    You're fine if you do it every now and again.  There are days (like today) where I only get 3 out of my 4 sessions in. 

    Just don't make it a habit.  If you do it for a few days in a row, you'll see a supply dip.

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