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Pumping ? - Quicker Sessions

Hello ladies!  I have a question regarding pumping.  I currently pump 2x/day for my 7 week old.  I respond well to the pump (EP'd for my twins), and can usually get about 5-6 oz. if I pump to replace a feeding and about 3 in the morning after a feeding.  My question is it takes me so long to pump to get this amount and get multiple let downs (30 minutes).  At around 20-22 minutes I'll have like 1 oz each, and get another 2-3 the last 8-10 minutes it seems.  Is there a way to play with the settings to get this to be quicker?  I have the Medela Freestyle.

Re: Pumping ? - Quicker Sessions

  • Theoretically babies suck fast and lightly at the beginning of a feeding (until letdown) and then slow and harder. If you have settings for speed and suction you should try to mimic that.

    Also, many people find that pictures of their baby from the nursing perspective can help them let down quicker at the beginning of the session. That or video of baby nursing. 

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