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birth control for nursing moms

I will be having my 6 week pp visit with my OB soon and I know she'll want to discuss birth control options. I EBF and am hesitant to take anything hormonal, even the progesterone only bill. What are the rest of you using? I'm interested in the IUD but am a bit nervous as I've heard that it's placement is painful (although after birth I feel like I could handle pretty much anything!) and I'm also concerned about how long it would take for my full fertility to return once it's removed. I know condoms are always an option, but not my first choice. Am I missing other non-hormonal options? Thanks :)

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  • Im on the mini pill and have been since 6 weeks PP. I was hesitant also, but we didnt want an accident to soon after just having a baby. I haven't had any issues from it. If you dont want to take anything then id suggest condoms. lol
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  • Not sure about all the nonhormonal BC options, but I do have the Mirena.  The placement has never been bad for me, just slightly uncomfortable.  It might be a twinge of pain for a second and then moderate period cramps for a day maybe two.  Hasn't bothered my supply...I actually have an oversupply issue, I usually pump 36-40 oz a day.  I love it because I don't have to remember to do a thing for BC.  Once it's removed you can start TTC right away.  Good luck, I hope you find something that works the best for you.
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  • Just wanted to say I conceived Lio on my first cycle after removing my IUD. dH and I haven't discussed BC yet but if we decide we aren't sure we are finished having children I will get another IUD. 
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  • I got pregnant within 2 cycles of Mirena being removed. Placement was nonissue, felt no worse than pap smear. Had it a full 5 years (actually before haivng kids) because I cannot take anything with progestin in it. I always had a normal cycle with it, some women stop or get lighter...not me.

    Also there is a slight increased risk of ovarian cysts.

  • I had Paragard, a copper, hormone-free IUD, placed two weeks ago. Placement for me was completely painless, but my doc is big on numbing you up. :) So far just a few days of mild cramping and a week of moderate-heavy bleeding.
  • I've had the mirena for almost 2 months now and its been great. I had no pain during the insertion or afterwards. I spotted for 2 days and that was it.
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