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***tokenhoser*** or others with "late" solid eaters

Hi tokenhoser, I feel like I remember a few of your posts mentioning that your baby didn't have much interest in solids before a year. Is that accurate? If so, exactly how not interested are we talking about here? My LO is 7 months and we've been attempting solids for about 4 weeks now. At this point, the kid will put anything but actual food in his mouth.

We started with a mix of BLW and purees, but I've given up on the purees because he just waps at the spoon and sends everything flying. So far, I've offered him avocado (several times), apple, oatmeal, toast with pear on it, sweet potato (several times), chicken, and a piece of roll when we were out at a restaurant. The few times he has attempted to taste something, he makes a face like, "ugh, this is FOUL" and spits it out and tosses the rest of it over the side of his chair.

I guess my question is was your LO like this or is mine taking it to new levels of food hatred and do I have cause for concern?

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Re: ***tokenhoser*** or others with "late" solid eaters

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    At this point, the kid will put anything but actual food in his mouth.

    Ha ha - I said this for about two months! I just kept presenting a variety of textures, shapes and flavors (chunks she could grab, purees and things in the mesh feeders) and around 10 mos she finally started to eat with interest. Frozen fruit in the mesh feeder was popular, and almost anything mixed with yogurt.

  • My 11 month old eats maybe 2-3 Tbsp of solids per day.  Some days, she will refuse all solids.  As long as your LO is gaining weight, I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • My LO is the same, she's 10.5 months old and barely eats any food.  She was at least 8 months old before she swallowed anything (proof was in the diaper!).  I remembered tokenhoser's baby also being 8 months old before he started eating, so I sort of relaxed until then.  :-)  

    The food that did it for my LO was cut up bits of mango.  Mango is on sale at the grocery store a lot recently so try it!  I googled a youtube video on how to cut it, haha.  

    Tonight for dinner, my LO had probably 6 cheerios (but the organic O version, haha), half a slice of cheese, and probably 2 bites of melon.  I don't know if she throws food off her tray b/c she doesn't want it, or if it's a game to feed the dog.  

    Either way, I know she's getting what she needs from BM....I still worry though, especially when I see/hear other same-age babies eating full meals.  My friend's baby eats more than I do in 1 day.  Serious. 

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    My friend's baby eats more than I do in 1 day.  Serious. 

    Haha, this is the way my nephew is! I swear by 7 months he was double fisting grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm so relieved to hear that you girls have gone through the same thing. There was a post on my BMB about what everyone's LOs love/hate to eat and they're all eating (and loving) tons of food. I'll just keep offering and hopefully one of these days, he'll decide he is related to me afterall and loves to eat, ha!

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  • I'm not sure what a late solid eater would be, but my LO wasn't interested in food until between 8-9months. We started offering him different things at 6months and it was hit or miss. Some days we'd skip solids if we were busy, and even now he doesn't eat 3 big meals or anything like some kids.

    It really seemed like one day a switch flipped and he just started happily eating vs. playing with it and throwing it all on the ground.  Some days he's more interested in food than others.

    As long as your LO is gaining well I wouldn't worry. Some babies don't eat much until after 1yr and some gobble food down at 6m. 

  • I am glad you posted this- DD won't have anything to do with solids (is almost 7 months old) and shrudders every time the spoon comes up to her lips.  She shrudders again if she 'accidentally' swallows.  This is for all purees.  I have tried to put a frozen and fresh banana in the mesh feeder, but she didn't like that.  She did like to grab at the banana itself, but not eat it.  She was doing pretty good with homemade chicken broth, and she likes 'compound' foods, just not the simple veggies and fruits.  And, when I say she likes compound foods, she will take a few bites before refusing. 

    Glad to hear I am not the only one with this going on!

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  • At 7 months DS was completely uninterested in any type of food, solid or puree. The only purees he would occasionally eat were sweet potato or green beans, nothing else. When he was about 10 1/2 months we started giving him some solid foods: chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, etc. He slowly started eating them. He was still getting plenty of BM which at this age is their main source of nutrition and was gaining wait at a normal pace, so I was not worried. A little before his first birthday we went for all solid foods and now he eats 3 solid meals a day and 2 snacks.

    So, I wouldn't worry, you still have plenty of time for your LO to start eating and enjoying solid foods.  

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