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Best cloth swimmy diaper?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good cloth swim diaper or diaper cover? We are starting to go to the pool and do swim lessons and I'd love not to have to buy disposable swim diapers every week. Thanks!
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Re: Best cloth swimmy diaper?

  • I picked out one of my pockets and use it as a swim diaper only.  No stuffing, just the pocket shell.  Its aplix so I can put it on supper tight.  Which is what I prefer using.  I did buy a Bummis swim diaper too.  However, the inside of the bummis is a mesh material and I thought it would be pretty hard to clean up if she had a poo in it.  I know the purpose of the mess is containment, but, my pocket was cheaper.  If you do decide to use a pocket diaper, use aplix.  you can get a tighter fit that way.
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  • We have Bummis swim. Have in small and now in large. No problems, just make sure the h/l is attached for washing or it sticks to everything. 
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  • I did the same thing and just used my least favorite pocket diaper shell as a swim diaper. It too is an aplix version and I think it works just fine, although we haven't yet had a poo in it, so we'll see lol
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