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Question from the other side.

Hello ladies =)

I found out today that I will be (hopefully) beginning a job in August in which I will be working with DCF as a social worker with parents who are adopting children in the DCF system. I will be doing supervised visits with biological parents as well as working with the fostering/adopting parents. (I will be also working with foster parents who are only fostering as biological parents are going to be reunifying.)

I have worked with families in this situation before, but I was always taken out prior to the adoption actually happening, and another SW would step in. I was wondering if you ladies would mind if I lurked and asked the occasional question from time to time being from the other side. I want to be sure that I'm being sensitive to all the parents in the case, and sometimes its difficult to know what to say. I was hoping that I could bring some things to you for input if I were to ever need it.

Thank you!

Re: Question from the other side.

  • Lurk away. Jump in anytime
  • My DH and I are currently taking our PRIDE classes to become foster parents and i look forward to any insight you can provide this board. Welcome!

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  • Welcome to the board.  I don't mind if you ask questions.
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  • Would love to have you on the board! Welcome!

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  • welcome! i think its great that you are intersted in learning about and being sensitive to all the players involved.

    I've been fostering for a few years now and we recntly adopted our sib group - we plan to continue fostering but arent sure exactly in what capacity.

  • Welcome....
    I have no exposure to Fost/Adopt except with this board and a local acquaintance.

    That said, I'll share an observation that I've while listening to women on this board. 
    It seems like there's lots of room for improved communication between all parties. Bumps in the road are always expected w/any sort of adoption.  As an adoptive parent, I can say that hte worst part about "bumps in the road" is when communication comes to a halt. 

    I hope our dialogue here makes you an outstanding addition to your local team!  You do great work... and maybe the insight of this board will help you understand how important good communication is to the mamas who are in the waiting process :)

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  • Welcome!  Like all of the pp's I'm excited to hear your insight!  I'm still relatively new to the fostering world (licensed and waiting for our first placement), so I'm interested in understanding all aspects of the system.
  • Thanks for all the positive responses ladies! I can't wait to get to know all of you.
    As of yesterday, I found out that I did get the job, and I'll be starting mid-August. (I have a LO due VERY soon. Tonight I was in L&D because they thought he was coming today! Thankfully he's still stuck in me.)
  • Congrats on the new job!  I'm excited to hear more about it!

    And congrats on continuing to bake your little one!  Although it is exciting to know that he is almost here!

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