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Two questions, because apparently BF is consuming my brain this morning...

1. While I was shopping for nursing bras yesterday, I came across several little necklaces that are apparently supposed to help with BF. I'd never seen or heard of these before. Are they really useful? I imagine it might help if the LO is a distracted eater and likes to have something to hold, but I have no idea.

2. What about the BF bracelets that help you remember what side you've nursed on? Am I really bound to get so sleep-deprived that I can't remember or figure it out?




Re: BF Jewelry

  • I have some Mommy Necklaces that I wear often. They are designed to entertain breastfeeding babies (and babies/small children in general) but also are entirely child safe. I would totally recommend those. Other than that, I don't own any other breastfeeding jewelry.

    Re: the beginning, you may take a little while to get a handle on this, but soon you will be able to tell by the way they feel (ie one will be more full than the other). I had a baby timer that I carried around for the first 7 months or so (to time naps, changes, feedings) and it had a breastfeeding side switch on it. That is what I used. HTH


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  • In the beginning, I used one of those rubber charity bracelets and would switch wrists each time I nursed.  I needed the reminder until I was less sleep deprived and could tell which side was more full!
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  • Never used the bracelets but really liked the Mommy Necklace concept.  Realistically though it wasn't anything I needed or DD needed until 5-6 months old or so.
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  • I use a baby app to track feeding, diapers, etc but you could easily wear a hair band on your wrist and switch it each nursing session. 
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  • In regard to #2 yes it takes a bit of time to get used to which one was last, I started with the hair tie, but I would tie my hair without thinking, this time around I got an app on my phone for all those things feedings, diapers, sleeping.... Loved it at the beginning, now I don't use it anymore
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    I have a necklace because around 4 months, DD was getting so distracted and not nursing well.  I would wait and not buy anything until you need it. 

    As for the bracelet, I never had a problem remembering which side because I would just feel my breasts and whichever was fuller, she ate from next.   If you can't tell, I imagine it would be helpful to have a reminder.  I also write it down in a log for awhile so that was backup in case I couldn't tell. 

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  • imagenicole0066:
    you could easily wear a hair band on your wrist and switch it each nursing session. 


    I did this .. Yes you will be that sleep deprived :)I also kept a list with L or R in the SIDE column... I tended to forget to switch the hairband.


    No info on the necklace since I EP. My 9 month old would love it though since she plays with my necklace when I'm holding her.. I could see how it would give her something to hold onto while nursing. I would wait a few months though.

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