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tricare and Secondary Insurance? I didn't think I'd be on Tricare until after birth, but they let dh fax me forms from basic so I'm in DEERS and have my ID... sooooo

I have insurance through my I put that as primary and tricare as secondary (all I need are his SSN and my ID right). I already checked and my delivery hospital takes Tricare Standard.

never had multiple insurances....and I will not be renewing my school insurance because its $650 a year.

Re: tricare and Secondary Insurance?

  • LeahCKLeahCK member

    I believe tri care is always secondary, I'm not sure if you have a choice. You can just give the doctors the tricare information if you don't want to use your primary insurance.

    I pay $1,200 a year for my primary insurance (Cigna) and will keep them both) with Cigna as my primary.  

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  • Leah is correct, tricare will be your secondary. 


    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • thanks! I misspoke my insurance is 650 per semester, so over 1200 a year for insurance that has high out of pocket expenses...not worth it, but I am paid up until end of summer term.


  • I always had insurance from my job and tricare was billed secondary. 
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