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revealing baby's sex at the shower

Just lurking from another board. Was wondering if anyone is considering revealing the sex of the baby at the shower? I think it would be a cute idea and wondering is anyone is planning or has done it. And if you have done it, how did it turn out? Fun? Or was it a disaster cause Aunt Whoever was sure you were having a girl and bought 100 tu-tus for your son? Haha. TIA!

Re: revealing baby's sex at the shower

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    I don't mind the concept of this.  In fact, I almost did it for my shower.  However, since I was 33 weeks pregnant at my big shower, I had known that I was having a girl for 17 weeks.  And that would've been an eternity (for me) to keep it a secret or not slip up.  Or if I trusted my mom and BFF with the info, it's a long time for them not to slip up.

    I'm a classic overthinker, but I know how hard that would've been.  Especially when you find out the sex and you are already shopping.  Even making a registry would be difficult, even if you were doing neutral things.  I just saw us making plans to announce it and everyone but 2 people would already know...kind of big deal over nothing at that point.

    Am I making sense?Big Smile

  • I think it's a cute idea on a surprise front. I wouldn't broadcast that this is a sex reveal shower, but I think it would be super fun to go to a shower thinking team green (you will get better stuff this way) and then finding out at dessert time that we are finding out the sex. Cute!
  • I am not pregnant yet. Hopefully it will happen very soon! But I have already decided that this is what I wanted to do. I also want to find out at the shower. I think its a cute idea. I wouldn't be letting anyone know that I will be doing it at my shower though.
  • We are doing this! It was "advertised" on the shower invite because the hostesses didn't want people calling or bothering them asking the sex. We know but are team "sneaky" and haven't let it slip yet with 3 more weeks to go before we get to share. I found it very easy to register for gender neutral things... that's what people who are team green do everyday. 
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  • I guess I'm the odd one out. I don't really like the idea of it, just because like you said OP, someone's aunt might be poed that she just bought (or made) a ton of girl stuff and you revealed that you are having a boy. 
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  • I like the idea, and would have done it had we not had two separate family showers that were weeks apart.  

     I wouldn't worry about someone bringing gender specific gifts. If they are dumb enough to bring a girl gift when they don't know whether or not it is in fact a girl, then they deserve to be disappointed.

    I would, however, consider the feelings of your mother, sisters, MIL and/or SILs. I know my MIL would have been really hurt if she found out with/after a whole bunch of other people. It may be best to take some of these people aside and let them know before hand, if they would like.

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  • You can certainly do that for an element of surprise and fun at the shower.  You have to make sure NO ONE knows (not the hostess, not your mom, etc) because if word even slips out a little and some people find out and buy gender specific things then others would be hurt that they didn't know as well.  It is a possibility.  You will most likely receive "some" gender specific things.  I had a shower for a friend AFTER her DS was born so everyone knew what it was (even stamped "it's a boy" on the invite and envelope) and one lady STILL made very girly afghans (pinks, yellows, purples).  It was kind of funny.  My friend just put them away and is hoping for a girl in the future.  lol
  • It was my idea to do this at my shower and my sister in law thought it was a great and is running with it.  She thought about blue or pink name tags for everyone to help me remember names and give everyone a team.  She's going to do a cake (bought or made, I'm not sure) and my mom is going to cut it (she's the only grandmother; though there are three great grandmothers).  She was also thinking about a game to incorporate, but I'm not sure where she is on that one.

    I, too, didn't want a separate party or a lot of clothes.  I hadn't thought about the fact that some ladies might think they need to buy two outfits, one for each sex, and will ask her if she thinks that would be a concern.  I don't want anyone to feel obligated about a gift.  Thanks pp who pointed that out.

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