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Moving from the sad phase to anger

I'm angry today.  I just had to say it somewhere.  The last couple of days have been really good days but I went to bed feeling angry and it's still brewing.   My HCG level is back to 0 (Yay!) so I can't blame the hormones.   I'm angry at my SIL for sending me multiple pictures of her 15 week baby bump (which normally I am super excited about), I'm angry at my mom for assuming I could have one bad day and get over it and I'm angry at my husband for not understanding why I feel so broken.  I'm also a little annoyed at the nurse saying we should try and wait 2 months to try and conceive but her only reason is to help date another pregnancy.  Isn't that what an ultrasound is for?   The emotions seem to come in waves.  I guess we are riding the angry one today.   Vent Over.  Thanks for listening.
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Re: Moving from the sad phase to anger

  • I'm sorry for your loss :(   I have been angry on and off the past few days too.  It's all a part of the process I suppose.  And I totally agree with you about the u/s.  If that's the only reason that they give us to wait, I'm not listening.  Plenty of people get KU and don't know when.  Feel free to let it out!!
  • I'm sorry you are having a rough day--def don't know WTH your SIL is thinking...

    The anger came and went for me.  It still gets set off sometimes but those days are fewer and further between...

    I can sympathize with your mom situation too--people who haven't experienced a loss just really don't understand.  My mom lectured me for being "bitter" about other people's happiness.  It isn't that I am bitter, just that I can't fart rainbows on command for every person who announces they are pg right now...

    Anyways, vent away!!  That is exactly what this board is for.


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  • From my short time here, I've noticed that I can swing from sadness to anger pretty quickly. I'm angry about so many things and when I think about the fact that I can't control them, I start to cry...

    Good luck with your family and getting them to understand how you're feeling. I know it's a tricky battle.

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry your family is being so insensitive. People don't seem to realize that you are grieving the loss of your baby, not just a pregnancy.


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  • Oh yeah, my anger phase hit hard and lasted about 2 weeks. I hope it passes more quickly for you, because it made me even more angry at myself that I was being so pissy to my family. ((hugs))

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss;( I'm totally in the same boat as you. So angry some days, it sucks;( I'm trying to stay positive but my emotions are all over the place. Hoping the councellor Im seeing tomorrow with have some coping techniques to help me.

    Big hugs to you, you're not alone xx


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  • I'm sorry you're experiencing the anger so strongly. I've found that my emotions change quite quickly. I suppose it's all part of grieving and will get better with time. ((hugs)) I hope tomorrow is better for you.
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