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Dr.Anglea Boylan or Stoneridge OBGYN?

Has anybody used Dr.Angela Boylan or Stoneridge OBGYN? Would recomend either that docotr or the other practice? I'm reading online and getting mixed reviews of Stoneridge OBGYN and can't find any detailed reviews of Dr. Boylan.


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Re: Dr.Anglea Boylan or Stoneridge OBGYN?

  • I didn't go to Stoneridge, but I delivered at Grandview.  I saw a few dr's from there when I was in for different things throughout my pregnancy and they were all very nice! 
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  • I just started with another dr. at Stoneridge in December, and had a good experience. We just found out that we're pregnant again, and am hoping for a great experience. Any reason you want that dr. in particular? I'm using Dr. Sm ith, who is new. 
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  • Dr boylan is Awesome - feel free to PM me - saw her for both of my pregnancies!
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  • My SIL loves the doctors there. She also works there.
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  • I go to Stoneridge in Sellersville, and I had my first prenatal appointment with Dr. Smith. She did a surgery on me, so I feel like I know her. But I asked her what are the chances of her delivering, and she said 1 in 6, so unless you are having a scheduled birth, you are going to have the Stoneridge doctor who is available.  I don't know if they will start scheduling my appointments with whoever is available now or what.  I do like the practice - the front desk ladies are very nice, as are all the nurses I've met there so far. 
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