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Looking for direction

Im not sure if I'm in the right place, but I've been feeling very anxious and worried over our LO's development and I feel like I'm getting the same " dont' worry" from many and his 9 month check-up is next week and I want to know if anyone elses child needed EI for what I will explain. Our LO was a 35 week preemie and was 9 months on 5/17. Adjusted age is 8 months. I've been noticing an overall delay in most of his milestones, cognitive and physical outside even the adjusted age for preemies. A few examples, he does not babble sounds like dada, baba, etc, He makes a repetitive duh sounds and once in a while a few da, but never in a string of sounds. He does not imitate sounds we make either. Most noticeably is his reaction around noise and other people, he becomes very still, showing little or no emotion, he simply stares and watches what is going on around him. At home with us he laughs and plays and is such a calm and happy baby. He is also not meeting his developmental milestones, he is just learning to sit but only for a few seconds and falls without trying to catch himself, he isnt crawling, he rolls all over but that is all. I want to believe that he is just behind due to be premature but I think in my heart I know there is something else wrong. Do you think I should discuss EI with his MD?
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Re: Looking for direction

  • I would reach out to EI. If I could go back and do anything over again, I would have bypassed our pedi and gone straight to EI sooner than I did. It doesn't cost you a thing. In CO its called ChildFind and its through the school district. We took DS to be evaluated for developmental delay concerns and speech delay when he turned 2. He was evaluated by a speech therapist and child psychologist. They determined that he qualified for speech therapy, an early childhood teacher, and since his autism dx at 28 months we now have an OT. Its well worth at least giving them a call and trust your intuition. You know your child best and you are their only advocate. 
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  • I would have his hearing checked first. Go to a Pediatric Audiologist or even a Pediatric ENT (ear nose & throat). An ENT would also have an audiologist on staff if you are in a large metro area. If you think he is going to need speech services, you are going to have to do this anyway. Passing the newborn hearing screen does not count.

    Sometimes you do not need a referral for Early intervention. I would figure out the program's name in your state (First Steps, Birth to Three, Infants & Toddlers, etc) and see what their website says regarding how to get an assessment.

    Trust your gut.


    ETA: Depending on your state, there could be a charge for EI services. (Maryland is free) My niece in Wisc had her son evaluated and they would have been charged about 1/3 the cost of what speech services would be if they went to a private practice. Some EI's will also bill your insurance.

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  • I agree with PPs get the info on how to get an eval set up for EI.  M was a 35 weeker and she started crawling late into her 10th month, she just started walking a week ago (and she is 15 months).  She doesn't talk a whole lot either and is generally quite, she will babble a little now but no imitation.  We have had a brain MRI so we know for the most part nothing is going on neuro.  And some states do charge for EI but they can bill insurance or they have a sliding scale, that goes by your taxable income, and if it's under X amount you pay $0, etc.

    GL and always trust your gut! 

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