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Update: to my long day helping DS

DH took DS to counseling yesterday. It off course did not go well because they waited one hour in the waiting room and Ds did not want to do anything during the appointment.

The counselor wants to meet me so DH scheduled a 5 pm appointment and a Saturday appointment because I work so I could still be included. They are not going to evaluate Ds any sooner than August 9th but DH said to evaluate for everything.

Maybe the next appointment will be better.

I am still waiting for the OT to call me. I am hoping soon so we can schedule if I need to come or if DH can go.



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Re: Update: to my long day helping DS

  • Sad

    In some ways though, it is good for a therapist to see the child at his/her worst, you know?

    But, it is hard.

    promised myself I'd retire when I turned gold, and yet here I am
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