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Upper Dublin School District?

Good morning ladies,

We are planning on moving out to the Philly burbs from NJ and have chosen the Upper Dublin School District.  We had many school districts on our list but that got narrowed down when I realized the cut off age for Kindergarten in some districts is Sept. 1st and others Sept. 15th.  Our DD was born 9/11.  Anyway, my search has been by school districts and while I do know which towns are in the district, to be honest, I don't know much of the towns themselves.

Would anyone be able to give me their opinion on Upper Dublin, Fort Washington, Ambler, and Maple Glen?  Are any of these towns more "desirable" than the next? Any sections of town you recommend? Would love to get any information from the locals!  Thanks so much!


Re: Upper Dublin School District?

  • This is a wonderful school district! I live in a neighboring school district and it is my husband and my hope to settle in Upper Dublin someday. Good choice!
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  • You really can't go wrong with the Upper Dublin School District!  We have lived here for almost 4 years.

     Any of the areas you listed are great.  Ultimately (what I've found) makes an area desirable is the school district.  The mailing addresses seem to not match up with what I would consider an area (ie, parts of what I would consider Jarrettown has an Ambler mailing address).  My mailing address is Fort Washington, but I would consider myself Dresher.

    The area around the new High School and Mondauk Common (park) are probably the most desirable, but plan on paying big bucks.

    PM me if you want more info.

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  • I live in Ambler, but my house is 1 block from the UDSD line, so my boys will go to Wissahickon, which I heard is also pretty decent.  I am amazed by the new school they are building in UD.  When we bought, over 7 years ago, we had no plans for kids, or we would have look at UDSD.  Mike's wife is correct, the Jarrettown/Monduak is nice, but extremely pricy in comparrison to some of the neighboring areas in the district.  Some of Ambler does fall in the district, but I am not sure how much.
  • Anything in the UD area is very nice. I would watch what part of Ambler though. The main part in town is very nice. However, if you go a few blocks to either side it gets a bit sketchy. Maple Glen is prob the nicest out of all of them, however also I am sure the most expensive.
  • Great area!!
    I'm in the upper moreland school district (in hatboro) and not too far - love that area. Ambler is beautiful! happy house hunting!!
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