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Probable mainstream placement for fall -- eeek!

DD1's SLP called last night to talk about her fall placement. I spoke with the lead (SpEd) teacher this morning. 

I thought at her IEP meeting we'd settled that she'd do a partial-year in the co-taught class where she is (an extra teacher, lead teacher is SpEd, more kids with IEPs/more severe impairment), looking to switch her into the typical preschool class at fall break or Christmas break. 

But now they're both saying that they think she's ready to start there in the fall. We had a minor behavior issue (running away at the end of recess) and it took two times of a social story for her to stop. Because she learns so fast; and her behaviors are minor and not aggressive; and she keeps up academically, they think it's best to start her with all the other kids so they're doing "community building" together from the start, rather than her coming in as a new kid partway through the year. The SLP and OT for the class will be the same, so she'll still see some familiar faces. We'd adjust minutes of service per week accordingly to make sure she's getting appropriate therapy support. 

Also, they think the mix of kids in this other class is going to be more beneficial to her. Most of the typical peers she's had this year are moving on to kindy, so the new ones will be younger in the co-taught class -- in this other class, she'll have more other girls who are in their second year of preschool, like she is, and apparently they're pretty mother-hennish. Which she does really well with -- she latched onto one other girl this year who was very patient with her, but that girl is going on to kindy. Some of this info wasn't clear yet at the IEP meeting we had, and frankly I hadn't realized how many of her typical classmates were going to be moving on. 

DH and I talked about it a bit last night, and I'm going to observe the class tomorrow. The SLP is going to take DD1 over during center time to meet some of her potential classmates. It isn't a done deal by any means, but I'm still excited -- and nervous. I trust our team, and her main teacher especially, but it's hard not to second-guess and wonder if she's really ready for this. And next week is the last week of preschool, so I kind of feel like things are happening a little faster than *I'm* ready for. Eeeek!

We also would still have the option to move her back to the co-taught class if things aren't going well. I won't move forward without a guarantee of that, and so far I'm hearing that won't be a problem. 

I just thought this all was settled, and now it looks like it isn't, and while on one hand I'm glad because it means she's made even more progress than they'd expected; on the other, I kind of hate having to make this decision over again.  


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Re: Probable mainstream placement for fall -- eeek!

  • That sounds like a great opportunity for her!  I know it's hard sometimes to take a leap, but you've got the safety net available if she had to switch back.  What a wonderful feeling to have this team believing in your child, seeing her potential, and wanting to help her make that next step.
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    Good Luck!!!

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  • It sounds like your DD has a great plan in place. Hoping that you get that confirmation of flexibility to move her back if its not the right fit soon-I'm sure that will help ease your mind.  
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