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this should be fun...

My husband just got his orders to train in camp Pembleton for three months and I can not tag along, since its a training camp. He will miss the entire second trimester ): (he will be gone for weeks 13-26). So we decided ALL ultrasounds will be recorded so they can be sent to him! We wont find out what it is till we're together. We're gonna start our resistry right before he leaves (im a little nervous about doing it so early, but it is what it is) He also requested growing belly updates in weekly pics (ill admit im kind of excited for that)!! If that wasnt hard enough, I also found out that my prenatal care will be taking place in 3 different states. 1st trimester in MD, 2nd in NJ and 3rd in NC, Thats right I'm moving TWICE while pregnant!! All the while, trying to keep my sanity! This should be interesting!

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  • One less stress would be do the registry when you are back together in week 26... I know we didn't buy much until after that anyway! And I moved halfway across the country around week 20.. is there a reason you can't just stay in Maryland instead of going to NJ? Or commute to MD to the doctors for the monthly checkup while living in NJ??
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  • Well it sounds like you already have a plan and a good attitude so I suspect you will be just fine! I did my registry really early, too, since we were moving to Germany and my friends wanted to do a shower, and you can always edit it later if you want to make changes, but I think it's a great way of keeping you excited as he heads out for training. Besides, you can register together and then go with a friend or family member who already has a baby if you want additional input Smile

    I just want to say, way to stay positive and not take the "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE????" approach that can be easy to fall in to!

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  • That is alot but you'll do great! We did our registry early as well but we only put big items and necessities on it which we picked all gender neutral stuff.  I didn't put clothes on it because I knew people would pick what they were going to get anyway. All that moving will probably make your pregnancy seems to fly by so it might be nice. Just remember to rest alot! 
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  • I plan to communte to MD from NJ, its only two appointments so its not too bad. My whole family is in NJ and my sister is an RN so im going to be staying with her while my husband is away. I dont have lots of friends in MD and i have no family so my and my husband agreed that it would be best if i go to NJ. And i have to do the registry that early cause im having my baby shower in NJ the week before i leave there. Its quite the whirl wind lol.
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