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Guess I won't be going BF shopping! Le Sigh!

Won't be discharged from the hospital until Friday at noon. That's waaay too late to get the good bargains at Best Buy! On a side note, here is why an epi and Stadol is every woman's BFF....


and if the Stalkerazzi is hounding you with pictures, just make identical Tyra Fierce poses...


and if you find your eyes filled with Vitamin K and no chance to fix up your hair before picture time, just distract them with some little titty action....


I think we might have some cuter pics on the camera but the sync cord is waaaaay across the room. Short version: Woke up from pain at 5am and didn't realize it was pre-labor. Tried to stick it out at home as long as possible or until myy 11am weekly OB appointment. Made it to 10am before pain started to get more intense. Expected to hear 1-2cm and was FLOORED to hear 5cm. Went to the hospital [where we met Mom who had just driven six hours that morning to be there]. Got some Stadol (sp?) and an epi and then slept for a few hours and woke up to 9.5cm. HEAVENLY! Pushed for three hours in various positions but her head was not facing the right way and they couldn't get it turned. Was offered forceps or c/s. I was COMPLETELY unable to make any decisions at that point as I was kinda rather hoping for a quick death instead to end the pain. DH decided forceps. I thought I wanted to die before.....oh my effing GAWD! 25 minutes of the worst pain ever known to humankind!! I asked them to just yank the effer out at one point! They kept telling me I was close and that I could do it. I yelled louder than all three of them combined that in fact I was NOT capable of getting it done! Apparently they won that battle and RBGK arrived at 8:41pm. She was 8lb4oz and 21 inches. She's pretty darn cute although I have NO idea where the blonde came from. I have already questioned whether she is actually my child. ;-) OK, so now that I look back, maybe that was the middle length version of it all. Anyway, she's here. I'm pooped. I can believe I own one of these things now! ;-) I envision many more adventures to come!

Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


Photo courtesy from the amazing Ever You Photography!

Re: Guess I won't be going BF shopping! Le Sigh!

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful!
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    This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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  • Congrats!  She is a cutie pie! 
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  • Congrats!  She's beautiful!
  • Congratulations!!!!!!! She is beautiful!

    What name did you go with?

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  • Congrats!! She's beautiful!!!
  • Congratulations MrsG!  What a beautiful little girl.
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  • Congratulations!!!! She is precious!
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  • Congratulations!!
  • Awww. She is so adorable. Good job mom!



    Photo Courtesy of Ever You Photography
  • Congratulations MrsG!!! I am so happy for you - and your little girl is so adorable!!!!!
  • Congrats!  She's beautiful!

    Baby J is here! Born on her mama's birthday.

    11 pounds, 7 ounces and 23" long at birth!

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  • She is beautiful!  And God I hope I look as good as you after having a baby:o)  You look wonderful as well!
  • She's beautiful G!  And you look pretty good yourself!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  • I was about to say the same as sala!  Adorable baby - and you were looking gorgeous yourself!  =)  Congrats Momma!
  • Congrats!! She's beautiful!! And you look great! Now what'd you name her!? ;)
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  • Congratulations!  She's adorable!
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  • Congratulations, G! You did it! And she's absolutely adorable. She takes after her Mom. Big Smile
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  • Congrats on having Baby Girl Katherine on my b-day! She is a beauty!!!
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  • Congrats!  Adorable baby!

    ...and I loved my Epi too.  Its God's gift to laboring women. 

  • Congratulations!  She is beautiful!

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  • Yay!  Congrats!  I'm glad Katherine is here.
  • Congratulations!!  She is so beautiful :)
  • Congratulations!  She's precious! 
  • You both look beautiful!

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  • G-UNNIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!! OMG You had the baby!!! I am so happy!!! And she is sooooooooooo cute!!!
  • Congrats!! ?She is beautiful!!
  • Congrats mommy! What a cutie!
  • G! I just wanted to pop over and say congrats!! She is gorgeous - just like her mommy! I'm so happy for you!
  • I'm way late on this, but congrats!!
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