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How did you choose an agency?


I'm usually a lurker but DH & I are starting to put together our application for adoption and I'm starting to wonder which agency we should really go with. Did you call/email references given to you by the agency you chose? What was your criteria?

 I realize there might also be a thread on this already so please point me in that direction if need be :)


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Re: How did you choose an agency?

  • We did a lot of research on the internet and narrowed it down to the places that sounded best to us (for whatever reason).  Then we attended an info session at our top pick, and we left there with a great feeling, so that's who we're going with.

    Do the agencies you're interested in have info sessions or one-on-one meetings you can attend?  I think it's best to talk to people in person to really get a feel for the agency.

    GL to you!

  • We started by getting info on 3 we were interested in. We called them: one didn't answer the phone or return calls (off the list), one rubbed me the wrong way (but had lower fees), one was fantastic (but had higher fees).

    We also attended an informational seminar held by the one we ultimately chose.

    DH really liked the idea of the agency with lower fees, but we both liked the other one as well. What ultimately swayed us was that his CW was using our agency for her HS and couldn't stop saying good things about them.

    Sometimes it's just who you click with. Sometimes it's specific criteria, like their fee schedule, transparency, availability of counseling, what PAPs they're open to, what their programs are like, etc. Some of it is what's important to you, some is what's important in general.

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  • We started by looking online and requesting an information packet to be mailed to us.  Those things are a great way to get a feel for the agency- not just the materials, but how they are packaged, if they come with a personal note etc.  I connected via email with probably 4 or 5 different agencies to ask questions.  We attended two seminars by the one that interested us the most. 

     We were thisclose to signing with an agency when we found out little guy on an international child waiting list.  As it turned out, he was affiliated with an out of state agency.  So we checked into their fee schedule and took a leap of faith.  They have been amazing so far and we are thrilled with them.  We did our homestudy with a local agency recommeded by our placing agency.  We looked into two that had reasonable fees and went with the one that had the best communication (quickest).  To be honest we are not thrilled with the home study agency, but they are not terrible either.  Such is life.  Just glad our placing agency is so awesome! 

    Hope that helps a bit. 

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