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Update on meeting w/ Principal

I met with my son's principal last Friday to discuss with him what our experience has been this year with getting services through spec. ed and the general climate of the school towards my DS and his ADHD issues.

To be concise, I told him up front that I intended to have a very direct conversation with him and that I wasn't looking for an apology and "we can always do better".  

So, I laid it out there.  I told him that I thought my son's teacher jumped ship this year and just couldn't understand/work with his lack of attention issues, that the school failed him this year, and, that the general intolerant climate of those with learning challenges is unacceptable. 

I really feel like he was genuinely taken aback by what I reported.  We came up with a serious plan.  A follow up meeting with the district special ed person.  A more comprehensive planning session for the back-to-school meeting for the teachers (a start to some education for them) at the end of summer with a highlighted special ed component.  And, his invitation for me to join the steering committee- as he wants my voice heard. 

So, we'll see.  While my DS is my main concern, this whole experience is really fueling my desire to see some significant change for kids in special ed at our school (all over too of course, but I have to start at our school).  

We'll see....

Re: Update on meeting w/ Principal

  • Good work! That's great you were able to respectfully and truthfully tell the principal your true feelings, I seriously hope your honesty helps them and your DS has a much better year. Your DS is lucky to have you!
  • Hopefully it's not just a bunch of talk!  Staying positive!


  • Best of luck advocating! It's great that you feel heard and that your participation is being asked for -- I hope it turns out to really make a difference for your DS and other children with SN. 



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