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Postpartum Depression


Hi I'm new on this board. So my ob diagnosed me with PDA few days ago and wrote me script for Zoloft. I took my first pill tonite, I wanted to wait till my husband would be able to stay with me in case I had a bad response to it. I spent three months trying to ignore the fact that I was miserable, but I finally gave in and saw my doctor. I guess that's about it for my story.


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  • hang in there. it takes time to see a difference. stay on it, it could take 3 weeks to fully "kick" in. you will be ok. Hang in there! I too am on zoloft and I was also on zoloft with my first child and now again with my second child. It seriously helps, keep talking and keep open communication. My suggestion would be to take ZOLOFT at the same time every night and give it some time--it does help


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