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Postpartum Depression

Started zoloft. I'm new here.

I've had depression and anxiety on/off throughout my life due to multiple factors. I started getting it really bad again after I had my son and its gotten worse and worse. He's now 4 months old and I finally decided to get help. I told my OB. She prescribed me zoloft because I'm still nursing, and also referred me to a psychologist. I went to her for the first time yesterday and she prescribed me ativan. I'm going to see her once every 2 weeks for awhile and gradually see her less frequently. I just can't wait for them to start working. I hate feeling this way.
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Re: Started zoloft. I'm new here.

  • That is great!  I am kind of in the same boat.  I have had depression for a long time, but started having a lot of trouble since the birth of my daughter.  I recently added a new medication, and it seems to be working.  I wish I could feel as giddy about being a mom as some of my friends do, but that may not happen.  I am at least felling better.
  • Hang in there ladies. you will be Okay. you will! talking and getting help is key and you've made that important step. I reached out to my doctor with my first born and was put on zoloft. i didn't know what was happening to me , it was so strange and I couldn't put a name to it. After 2 months, I finally got help and 3 weeks later on zoloft, I was feeling better. that was almost 5 yrs. ago. we now have a 2nd child that will be 7 months old and I knew what to expect this time. I KNEW that I had to be aware of my feelings and I had a great support system in place. More importantly, I was honest with people close to me about how I was feeling. I am back on zoloft now with our second child and I plan to be on it for at least a year. After this, no more kids for us--too expensive! lol. Hang on ladies!!!!!


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