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Hi, you asked me in another thread last week about my son's speech. He had a language assessment and a reasoning ability assessment on Friday. He scored above average in both. The test they did (not sure if its the same in US, I am in the UK) had different categories and each result should be between 7 and 13 for a 'normal' result, with 10 being the average score for average language abilities. My son was scoring 16 in some categories. And he has high reasoning ability as well, so its just his actual speech that is the problem. He can't say vowel sounds properly so instead of saying boy he says bay. Most constonents don't seem to be a problem. The SaLT also thinks that he has a social communication disorder as he is very dominant in his topic of conversation and won't talk about anything else. He can't read body language or follow cues. I have always just called him stubborn, but apparently it might not be stubborness, lol.

(We are at the start of him being assessed for aspergers syndrome.)


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