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(XP) College Station- Recs for rental property location

Hi everyone, I have seen a few College Station related posts, so I'm hoping there are a few of you from the area on here-

We will be relocating to the College Station area (from San Marcos) in May for my husband's job. It's come up suddenly and we need to find a place to live (we'll be renting). Any recommendations for property management companies, locators, websites etc. will be much appreciated. (I would love to hear if you have non-recommendations too!)

I've searched on Craigslist but 90% of everything is college apartment type places and we'd ideally like to not end up in a super college-y megaplex type place.

Feel free to PM me if you feel more comfortable that way.

TIA! :) 

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Re: (XP) College Station- Recs for rental property location

  • Wish I could help you more! I owned a townhome while I went to school there. It was off of Dartmouth (close to the mall). I cannot remember the property mgmt company to save my life. Local Realtors can help you find rentals. Call a real estate office. Tell them you are looking for a rental. They will most likely have connections to houses for rent that are listed in the MLS. Those are the people NOT looking for college students. Maybe check out the classifieds of The Eagle. Good luck! Gig 'em!
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    In in College Station myself and I would recommend getting a realtor versus a property management company.  Those companies typically center around college housing while a realtor may be able to find you a place that is more family friendly. 
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