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Tricare Question

So my hubby and I had quite the surprise last week when we found out I was pregnant! Yay! But it was completely unexpected so now we're coming down to decision time. My husband is getting medically discharged out of the army and lord know how long that will question is if he's out before January (when I'm due) will Tricare still cover us until a certain date? He heard 6 months, my mom heard it won't cover spouses. If that's the case I'll need to get insurance while I'm pregnant anyone know if this is particularly difficult? My mom called me FREAKING out the other day. I'm hoping he'll still be in so we won't have to worry about this but who knows.
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Re: Tricare Question

  • You will be covered until the end of the month in which he is discharged. If he is discharged on January 5, you will need new insurance starting February 1. You will be eligible for COBRA, but it can be expensive, especially for maternity coverage. 

    What does your H plan to do career-wise after his discharge? I would try really hard to have a job with benefits lined up to start pretty immediately after his discharge. Alternatively, are you working? Can you get a job that offers benefits?

    If you will both be unemployed, you may be eligible for Medicaid or state health insurance, but this varies by where you plan on living when he is discharged. 

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  • Everything the PP said. Cobra is very expensive so if you go that route I would budget $300-400.00 per month for health care coverage. You can look into state options. I hope your husband can find a job with benefits as well and you could be added to his plan because pregnancy now can't be considered a pre-existing condition.
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  • Well he plans on going to school so I don't know about the job with benefits but Medicaid is always an idea. I plan on working but I won't be able to until after the baby is born; I'm working now but once he gets out we'll be moving.But, anastasia, I think you're on point. He has an injured knee they won't operate on and PTSD. He will start the process come July and chances are it'll be greater than 30%, at least I hope that's the case. I know the medboard process can be a pain/take a long time so I'm not expecting it to be a fast process...I honestly think the baby will come long before he's out!

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  • Most colleges offer some kind of student health insurance at a reduced cost as well. 
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