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I'm new here. My 10.5 month old son has never really used consonants and does not babble like dadadada or babababa. He squeals, laughs and uses vowel sounds. Sometimes we get a geeeeee or a bbbbbb. Our pedi referred us to EI. At our assessment, he was found to be delayed in three areas: social, communication and emotional. This is a 30% delay. So we qualify for services, and will be developing the IFSP this Friday. 

 The other concerns besides language were: a lack of separation anxiety, failure to imitate noises and gestures, failure to respond to his name, not learning the routine of getting dressed (ie helping put his arm through armhole). He takes a toy from an adult but doesn't give it back. He takes toys out of a bin but won't put them back in. It was such a blur once they said "delay" that I do not remember what else.

Our son has excellent eye contact, is very social, flirts, laughs when things are silly/funny, and plays games (hiding behind a wall and then coming back around if we say "peekaboo," giving mommy the pacifier to be silly and laughing, etc. He is normal in all other ways, including gross and fine motor, never had any reflux, colic, diet issues. He is by all accounts the perfect baby. He is very content, and not a lot bothers him. He will crawl over to me to be picked up by climbing up my legs when he wants something, he will fuss when he needs something, and does cry when he gets frustrated with a toy. But generally he is pretty happy to crawl/walk around, play with toys, look at things, go on walks. He will sit in my  lap before nursing/nap and read books with me, etc.

I guess I am just introducing myself and thanking you in advance for any answers to my questions I may have as we proceed. My gut tells me that he is going to be okay, and that this is just a speech delay, but I thought maybe hearing some experiences about EI at a young age and hearing some success stories might help.

TIA for any comments or advice you may have.

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Re: New here

  • My DS was exactly the same, and I made the EI appt, then chickened out.  A month later, he had started using consonants, and a few months later, he was using words.  He is almost 2.5 now, and we can't get him to stop talking.  I am not sure about the toys, but other than that, he sounds pretty good to me!  Just wanted to give you some reassurance with my story.  I have had lots of friends with kids in EI for a short time.  It's good it's out there, I say!

     Hope this helps.  :)

    ETA:  My son needed tubes and we didn't know this at the time (he was 9ish months old when I called EI).  He got the tubes at 12 months old.  I think it really improved his communication.  Have you done a hearing test with the ENT?  Some EI's do them, but I would ask for a Ped ENT to do one as well.

  • Thank you so much for your response. I need to hear these stories right now.

     He will be getting his hearing checked as part of EI.

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  • We are hear for you! We have had several IFSP's now so if you have any questions let me know!


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