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I'm prepared!

Last night I tossed and turned for an hour.  DH was/is gone (out of town) until late, late tonight.  DS had a temp of 102-103.  DD#2 has the sniffles, but she's super happy about it.  My dilemma: Do we go to Thanksgiving (an hour away) or wing it at home?  Seriously, wondering about that at 1:30am.  :::sigh:::

This morning I braved the stores with DD#2 (DD#1 stayed home with a sleeping DS) and got everything for dinner tomorrow just in case.  DS woke up with a double digit temperature, big smiles and an appetite.  We are spending the day resting at home.  If we go, we'll bring the pie with.  If we don't, we're prepared to not touch a store until Monday Smile 

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Re: I'm prepared!

  • awesome. i went to the store yesterday (tuesday) and it was a fricken zoo.  i couldn't believe it.  AND it was at 1:30 in the afternoon no less. 
  • That was a big part of my concern, was what the store would be like if I waited until afternoon!  I was feeding DD#2 this morning and just thought, "DS is still sleeping...DD#1 can stay with him, I'll take DD#2 and run to the store."  I got there before the rush but I could see that they were prepared as the shelves were stocked and the aisles (normally full with ad stuff and displays) were cleared. I got my stuff and got the heck outta there!  I was home before DS even woke up Smile  Now why can't I grocery shop like that all the time? Lol.... 
    DD#1~8/17/96------DS~10/24/05 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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