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New here but an old-timer!

I used to be on the nest baby boards (and knot wedding boards before that). The boards completely saved me during my struggles with IF! I still call some of those women good friends, even those I have never met!

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, say hello and see if anyone was around from "back in the day (around 2003-2005)

A little about me - I live just outside Boston and after many many cycles and trying, finally had 2 beautiful daughters. Julia is 6.5 now and Amanda is almost 4. I am thankful every day.

 Looking forward to "meeting" you all!


~Naomi mom to: Julia Gabrielle, born 10/29/05 and Amanda Emily, born 6/25/08

Re: New here but an old-timer!

  • I was also orginally on BT (babytalk) on the knot (and Honeymoons), then forced to the nest via BOTB and eventually Parenting, then to the Bump on Parenting.  I have a Aug 2005 baby, she is 6.5- well 6.75 also.  There have bee a lot of spin off boards--so many older timers are scattered throughout the knot, nest, bump, spin-offs, etc...


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  • I've been on for a while. I have a 6 YO, a 5YO and a 3YO and due with baby #4 on Oct. 1st.

    Welcome back!!! 

    image Mommy to Barbara 11/8/05, Elisabeth 5/13/07, Loukas 12/23/08 and Lazarus 09/25/12
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