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Drool -- less?

I'm a little surprised that Natalie seems to be drooling less now.  I would have thought she'd continue having a lot of drool until she cut her first tooth.  Did anyone else notice a decrease in drool before teeth?
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Re: Drool -- less?

  • It's funny you posted this b/c I just noticed today that DS is drooling less now.  I have no real scientific reason but I do know that the pedi said the increase in drool was due to infants learning to use their tongues more (babbling, cooing) and so maybe there's less now b/c the getting used to using the tongue phase is over.  I think of it like when I got braces--more spit/drool at first but after awhile I got used to them and that became less of a problem.  Again, I truly don't know but this is one of my theories.

    I agree--I think we'd see an increase in drool again when getting ready to cut teeth.

    Curious what others have to say...



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  • I think I read somewhere that decreased drooling was an indicator of readiness for solids because it meant that they were learning to move things back and swallow more efficiently instead of pushing everything out with the tongue.  Could be a reason for Natalie and Scott to both start drooling less around 6 months.

    This hasn't happened yet with Liam - he is a freakin' leaky faucet hehe! Stick out tongue

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