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4-5 year old boy~ do you still do matchy-matchy clothes?

My MIL sent us this shirt:  http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/toddler_boys/features/summershop/teestanks/PRD~902568/Jumping+Beans+Plaid+Applique+Tee++Toddler.jsp

and the matching plaid shorts.  I was wondering if it was just me or is that "too young" for my preschooler.

She sent the same outfit to my 2 year old and it not as bad on him but still NMS.   We do prefer the skaterish style though...might just be us.  

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Re: 4-5 year old boy~ do you still do matchy-matchy clothes?

  • It does seem like a younger looking shirt. My son would probably still wear it but it isnt my style either.
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  • It is fine to me, I am not a fan of matchy-matchy either but this one is not over the top. 
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  • It's NMS. We typically do tshirts with no appliqu? and khaki or navy cargo shorts. 
  • My son is wearing a size 6 already and those clothes are actually "too old" for him - you know what I mean?  They all have skulls or slogans that are for older kids - so I know what you mean about age appropriate clothes.  I think it would be more for a 2 or 3 year old than a 4 1/2 year old.  As for matchy, matchy clothes, we don't really do that anymore.
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  • ya, we don't do matchy match anymore either...DS is BIG into character shirts, and usually if he does pick a shirt other than that it is a plain shirt.
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  • I think the shirt may be a little young looking for a 4 year old, but I'm used to older style clothes since my very tall 4 year old is a size 7-8 in the boys section already.

    I'm not opposed to outfits that go together though. I like the look of polo shirts and plaid shorts with colors that pull the outfit together. But I've always leaned towards a preppy look myself.

  • My DS still wears shirts like this (not all of the time), but I usually pair them with khaki shorts, jean shorts, or those athletic type pull-ons (he loves those!). But he's a "young" 4 (and on the small size), if that makes sense, and I don't feel I need to rush him looking super old. I prefer to do a mixture of types of clothes (cheaper play clothes like these, preppy, trendy, etc.), but I definitely don't rule these out, especially for when he's just playing around the yard. But probably not with matching plaid shorts.
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  • akayfakayf member
    I bought more coordinating clothes this year...not matchy matchy.   I bought lots of plaid shorts because I love plaid and then some graphic tees that coordinate with several of the shorts so we could mix and match.   I also bought some solid polo shirts so he has a more dressy option for church and parties.

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  • Maybe this is the kind of clothes you ONLY wear in front of grandma.

    Or maybe you could exchange it for something else. I don't think a 4-5 year would be happy to wear that.

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  • It doesn't seem that bad to me. It is maybe a little young, but your DS is only 4, after all. We let DS pick his own clothes for the most part, so I'd put the clothes in his drawers and let him decide if he wants to wear the, either together or separately. Though I'd probably put the matching outfit on him at least once for grandma to see.
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  • pea-kaypea-kay member

    I think the problem is that that shirt is sort of awful. It screams "my grandmother went to Kohl's and all I got was this tragic tee shirt."

    hahahah ha hahahha! yes, ha ha ha!

    it's not that the slightly matching part is bad (i have a major weakness for plaid shorts) but those are just bad shirts. That said, I will not be surprised if my MIL shows up with some of those for the boys.

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  • I never dressed my son in outfits like that, even when he was younger. That's just my own personal preference though. My sister in law has, and still does, dress her boys like that and they are older than my son. I think it's just a personal preference thing.
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