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If anyone's still here, throwing up update

I took Eli back to the pedi this afternoon.  His ear infection is clearing up (basically gone, just a little fluid), and his chest and lungs sounded perfect.  So I think we're out of the woods on all of that.  I brought up to her (again) about the throwing up.  And this time I had some ammo, b/c he had lost 6 oz since last week.  She was also concerned at this point, since he's obviously not sick anymore. 

Based on what I told her, she thinks his reflux has come back, and was probably triggered by him getting sick (she said this happens alot).  And she thinks he's not eating b/c he knows he's going to yack.  But she said most of the time it's just temporary, kindof his esophagus' way of freaking out a little after being sick.  So she put him back on Prevacid, but said we could try taking him off of it in a month and see what happens. 

I pray she's right and the Prevacid works.  It worked great when he was little, fingers crossed.  And I may just keep him on it until his 1st birthday, just in case, and then see what happens. 

Oh, and I also talked to her about his thyroid.  She said that was a valid concern, and she looked up his blood tests from when he was born.  Apparently all newborns get their thyroid tested when they're born.  His results were normal, and she felt very sure that if he had inherited my hypothyroid, it would have shown up immediately.  So that made me feel better too.


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Re: If anyone's still here, throwing up update

  • I hope the prevacid helps him feel better!! 

    Not sure if this will help or not.. has anyone mentioned lactobosilicus (I think I butchered that spelling).  Basically its a probiotic.  When the girls were so sick last winter with a vomiting/diarrhea bug that lasted 2 months, the doctor had me give them some of that.  She said that after being sick so long their digestive system needed to be "rebuilt" and that the pro-biotic would help replase some important things.  You can buy it at CVS over the counter, you don't have to have a prescription, so it might be worth asking about.

    Good luck!

  • She didn't mention that, but I've considered giving him probiotics before, since he's had some tummy issues.  He does get yogurt almost every day, I'm not sure if that's the same thing or not.  But it probably would be a good idea to get some.  Thanks for reminding me!

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  • I hope the Prevacid works well and his tummy is feeling better soon!  Glad to hear he doesn't have hypothyroidism.
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  • Poor little guy : ( Throwing up is tough on anyone much less that handsome little boy. Hope the prevacid works!

    I second the probiotics. Our pedi recommended Culturelle-gg. It's in a green and yellow box OTC.


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