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Daycare closed week of christmas, what to do??

DS starts daycare on Monday and I just found out that the woman who runs it is going out of town from the 22nd thru the 26th for Christmas, which means DH and I need to find other arrangements for the 22nd - 24th (luckily my office closes from Christmas day thru New Years).  What do you do when your daycare is closed? 

Re: Daycare closed week of christmas, what to do??

  • Some centers provide "back-up care" that you can pay for by the day. But over the holidays that might not be offered. Fortunately, our previous home daycare provider is generally around. So that's one option. If I'm really stuck and can't take a personal day I call my MIL- she's an attorney and her schedule is sometimes flexible.
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  • Our daycare is only closed on 6 major holidays, and we work in the financial industry, so we're off those days, too.  Otherwise, my mom would watch her or we'd take a day off.
  • My DC is fairly large, so they are only closed on the actual days of the Holiday.  So, I am off those days too.  If you choose a smaller DC, or an in-house DC, they may be closed additional days around the Holidays, like you are experiencing.  Unfortunately, you just need to find other care for those days; ask family or friends.
  • Ours is closed that week as well. I negotiated that week off before starting my new job, so I'll be off. Other times, we've split the week between DH and I, or our moms.


    It's rough!

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  • This was something we looked at when selecting a DCP so we don't have to worry about it.  But, there are back up daycares that are drop-in types that are open on non-major holidays.

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