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Natural Turned C-section

Short Story: 12 hours Natural Labor, Heart Rate dropped, went for c-section, Its a Boy Conner Michael 9 lbs, 6 oz.  21 inches






2230 Contractions Start




0130 Water broke, with meconium   


0150 Leave for Hospital, grab a banana to eat on the way because I know when I get there I will not be able to eat


0200 Enter Hospital, get checked and I was 3cm


0200-1000 Contractions increase in intensity and frequency


I mostly labor on a birthing ball with Mike applying pressure on my lower back during contractions. 


At some time I puked up the banana I had eaten on the way to the hospital


Labored on hands and knees for an hour when I was not progressing fast, assuming baby is sunny side up.


I had no drugs and only a saline lock on my hand.


1000 While working through contractions on a birthing ball, nurse rushes into room tells me to get on bed and turn on my side NOW!


She starts moving the heart rate monitor around and we hear nothing.  Mike and I are FREAKING OUT.  After what seems like FOREVER she gets the heart beat.  Tells us Blueberry?s heart rate was down into the 60?s for 2 minutes.  She starts fluid in my IV line and checks me again.  I was at 6 cm and the baby?s head is still very high.  Nurse says she is going to call doctor to come see me.  I really have to pee but she makes me wait until Blueberry?s heart rate stabilized.  She finally lets me up but I have to get right back in bed and lay on my left side.  Working through contractions while laying in bed SUCKS, Mike could not get to my back easily.  I am in major pain and considering, in my mind, getting drugs. 


 1045 Dr. Shuwarger comes in and checks me, still at 6 cm.  Contractions still horrid, laying in bed.  He tells me that the baby?s head is still really high.  The baby is not tolerating the contractions well, could be because of the meconium in my water.  He said I was not dilating very fast.  He said we had to go in for a C-section.  I freak out.  This is the last thing I wanted.  Mike stayed calm said it would be ok and texts our parents asking for prayers. 


From here on times are a little sketchy.


1050 they get Mike the gear to go into the OR.  A nurse has me drink this nasty shot of something to help my stomach.  The anesthesiologist comes in and talks to us.  Tells us they plan to use a spinal.  I have to sign 3 sheets to say I am ok with the c-section, the spinal and something else; not easy to do while lying on your back, crying, and in labor.  The nurse has to put in a catheter.  And we head to the OR.  I am freaking out and crying, scared and feeling like I had failed.  We get to the OR doors and Mikes has to leave.


1100ish there are at least 7 people in the OR.  They move me from my bed to the operating table.  Turn on my left side and start to work on the spinal.  A contraction hit.  OMG talk about pain and I had to stay perfectly still.  They had to nurses holding me still and I felt an electrical type shock in my left leg then they rolled me to my back and my lower body started feeling asleep, like when your foot falls asleep.  I keep freaking out, asking where Mike is, why is he not in there yet and saying I needed Mike. 


1115ish Mike gets into the OR finally I am cry, and scared worried about Blueberry.   And they start the surgery


1132 IT?S A BOY!  I get to see Blueberry for 1.5 seconds and they whisk him away, Mike goes with him.  I am really disappointment we have no picture of me with Blueberry in the OR.  I do not remember really seeing him in the OR.  I had tears in my eyes, my arms were strapped down and I was given a sedative since I was freaking out.


I wake up in recovery begging to see my baby.  They nurse there says that I need to wait until the anesthesiologist clears me.  He  eventually comes says I am good to go.  Recovery nurse gets a helper to wheel me to Labor and Delivery, then says I have to wait longer because Labor and Delivery is not ready for me.


1245 Mike comes to recovery.  I am freaking out wanting to see my baby NOW.  Recovery says again I can go back to Labor and Delivery, but there are no nurses in Labor and Delivery to take care of me? Mike says it is because they are all working on Blueberry. (yeah that did not make me feel any better) 


1330 I finally get to go back to the Labor and Delivery.  I got to see Blueberry through the window to the nursery but I did not get to touch of hold him.  Nurses and Doctor Small continue to work on Blueberry.


1615 The nurses say Blueberry will be in to see me with the next 15-20 minute.   I get excited watching the clock. 


1700 The nurse comes and says again he will be in to see me in the next 15-20 minutes.     


Finally 1730 I am demanding to see Blueberry, Crying hysterically and they wheel by baby boy into my room to see me.  He was crying in the basinet but once I held him and he heard me talk he settled down.  Mike and I decided, after I got to see him, to name him Conner Michael.


That is the birth Story of Conner Michael.


After the fact I found out the reason I took so long for me to see Conner was because he had very low blood sugars at birth.  They tried to get an IV started in his hands and feet but could not find a good vein.  They then tried to put one in his umbilical cord and had to call another doctor to help get it in.  Conner was on IV Sugar water for the first 24 hours of his life.


At my 2 week post operation appointment I asked my doctor why the C-section was required.  He said that I have a very small pelvic.  He also said that the sacrum, which is normally concave in a woman, is convex; making it impossible for Conner?s head to make it to my pelvic.  The doctor said the only thing I will give birth to naturally is a Lizard!  How rude.  The doctor also said once they opened me up that Conner had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice.  My doctor said for our next baby that I will have a scheduled C-section. 


I am not going to lie this is not the way that I imagined I would be giving birth.  And I am a bit depressed that I will never get to give birth naturally.  But at least both Conner and I are now happy and healthy.  And next time hopefully I can be a bit calmer and have a gentle C-section with an opportunity to hold the baby before they are whisked away for 5 hours.  

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Re: Natural Turned C-section

  • How terrifying! I'm so sorry you had such a troubled birth experience, but you did good mama! Congrats on your new little man! And also, I would definitely consider getting a new OB or MW for your future LOs. This experience does not have to be the only way and I would never allow someone to talk to me like that! Lizard indeed! *hmmmph*
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  • Wow! I got tears in my eyes reading this... I can totally relate. Our stories are very similar. I need to write mine down... because I forgot a lot of the details of it until I just read your story. Like the drink... ugh.. that was so gross, I had the same thing! And the nurse freaking out yelling at you to get on your side quick when babys heart rate was dropping...same! I know how you feel believe me... it was hard waiting to see the baby, and the trauma of it all. I still feel angry sometimes. I am just trying to always focus on the positive! We have healthy babies and that is the most important!
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