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NKR: 40th birthday gift ideas for husband?

I desperately need suggestions for my husband's 40th birthday gift - something more than a normal birthday gift - cool guy stuff and/or something meaningful. Any ideas?  His birthday is in 15 days, so I am in major crunch time!  Help!

Re: NKR: 40th birthday gift ideas for husband?

  • Weekend getaway?  Doesn't have to be on the weekend closest to his birthday.  You could get him some stuff appropriate to the weekend (say, a cool beach towel for a beach weekend, etc.)
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  • What is he into?
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  • WahooWahoo member

    You could send him somewhere that he would really love - even without you (golf outing for him and a friend at a cool place, fishing, sports game if you're not into the sport, camping, etc.). 


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    You don't have much time, but how neat is this idea???


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