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2nd Trimester

maternity clothes and love handles/back fat

So far this pregnancy has been fairly easy...especially compared to my first one.  My biggest complaint is, however, that I cannot look cute in ANYTHING.  I'm too big not to wear maternity clothes and not big enough to look undeniable preggo.  I'm a fairly average sized person, 5'6" and about 135lbs pre preggo, but all of the sudden, I have developed enormous love handles.  I look like I have a spare tire, and huge hips.  I want to wear sundresses SO bad, but the back fat issue is out of control.  I even tried maternity spanx.  Tell me I'm not going crazy here!?

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Re: maternity clothes and love handles/back fat

  • savishsavish member
    Ugh I know how you feel, it's so frustrating. I'm getting bigger in the exact places as you. I was never a real big girl, but my love handles are COLOSSAL now. I usually just try to wear flowy shirts to mask them, but they are very annoying and it's hard to feel pretty in anything.

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  • VegasbbVegasbb member

    I can relate! It's SOOO hard to find maternity clothes that are flattering on me and look good. I basically wear dresses 24/7, because pants make me look HUGE. 

    I'm hoping I find out I'm having a girl at my A/S on Friday because everyone tells me "wow you're carrying so wide.. you must be having a girl". It will suck to say "nope, I'm just huge and carrying a boy.. thanks"


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  • SGC29SGC29 member

    I've found a few tops at Target that hide this problem. Liz Lange has a few things that are forgiving in the back area but still cute. They also aren't gigantic like some of the boxy maternity tops. Here are some links to things I have purchased and loved:

  • I wear my BeBand with any dress or pants that don't have a full panel.  I have a lot of excess skin from drastic weight loss between pregnancies and without a BeBand my belly is bouncy and unattractive to me.  The band firms everything up and keeps it tight.

    Back fat, eh I can care less.  The full panel pants/shorts push everything up in order to keep the bottoms up.

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  • im having the same issue!!! wear a cami under your sundress, if they have T straps.
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  • I'm about the same pre-preg size of you (just started about 5lbs heavier), am also pregnant with my 2nd and had the exact same problem around that time.  For me, around 19/20 wks, things started to "firm up" around my midsection and it wasn't as much of an issue.  Hopefully this is just a short term problem for you!  Smile  Hang in there!
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  • Thanks "apartyof4"!!!   I def could use some words of encouragement!  The sad thing is, before DS #1, I was like 160, so I'm actually a lot thinner pre-pg this time around, but things are lookin scary!!  I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.  My dad called my spongebob square pants the other day...i half laughed and half cried!
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  • Yeah, I could probably use a bigger bra, but since a  few of mine aren't uncomfortable I don't want to spend the $ until it's time to buy nursing bras.  Between the tighter bras and the full panel pants I have a nice new roll on my back. :( It definitely makes me self-conscious.  I hate that I've been doing upper body strength training at least 2x a week and you can't tell.
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