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We have a 3 yr old, he will be 4 in less than a month. When do u do-away with naps?? It seems to be a struggle to get him to take his nap nowadays.



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  • My DD napped until she was a bit over 4.  She still used a pacifier in bed, and we had told her that after she turned 4, she would have to give it up.  Once she didn't have her pacifier anymore, she stopped napping.  She really didn't need a nap much by then anyway!

    My son started napping less frequently and skipping naps sometimes when he was around 3 1/2.  I always made him lay down and rest, especially on preschool days.  If he didn't have at least a break from constant play and activity, he was really a nightmare by the evening.  If he even had a 45-minute rest period in his room without falling asleep, he'd usually be fine.  Toward the end of the school year, we agreed that he could skip naps on weekends, but that he would still try to take a nap during the week.  Once summer vacation started, he could skip naps altogether.  That plan worked pretty well and got him ready for afternoon preschool that fall. 

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    My kids willingly napped (and it didn't affect bedtime) till 5.5y (yes, we were super lucky.) They still rest/read for 45m in kindergarten and I've been told that isn't uncommon for my guys to fall asleep during that time.
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  • We had DS stop taking naps about a month and a half before he started Kindergarten.  He was already 5 yrs old and would still nap for 2-3 hrs.  He was a major pain to deal with for a few weeks, while he adjusted, but was totally fine afterward.
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