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Question about Teacher App. Wk.

I just got a notice today from my eldest's school. They want to show appreciation for all teachers and staff. Fine. But the PTA organized events throughout the entire week and have asked students and parents to bring in things each day of the week. They expect parents to bring in bite-sized pastries one day and desserts another. They are also collecting K-cups for the teachers to use the new Keurig Machine they just received. On top of all of this they expect the students to bring in a heartfelt gift-homemade or bought on that Friday.If the parents don't bring in the pastries or desserts, they are expecting them to donate $$$.

Would you like this arrangement better than getting your own thing? It seems as if it would cost more to do their thing.



Re: Question about Teacher App. Wk.

  • I love teacher appreciation week. It sounds a lot like what we have at the school I work at. It's fun getting little treats every day from the families at school. Even better are the letters from the kids!
  • That's how it works at our school.  I'm sure 90% of the families do nothing and that is ok.  This year I'm making a snack to bring in one afternoon.  They asked us to have the kids write notes of appreciation, which I think is a great idea too. 
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  • As a teacher, I heartily support Teacher Appreciation Week.  

    However, I hate.hate.hate being told what to bring in each day.  I'm not sure why the PTA feels it has to instruct me to send in: 

    Monday -- a flower

    Tuesday -- a line from a poem

    Wednesday -- stickers

    Thursday -- a handwritten note from my child to the teacher

    Friday --  candy or gum

    If I send in this stuff, does it show that I appreciate my kids' teachers, or does it show that I can obey instructions and that I didn't want to look bad by not ponying up the items?  Ugh.  I'm sure there's a reason why the PTA feels it has to do this, but I just think it's ridiculous.

    I generally don't follow the suggestions at all.  I write an email to the teacher, thanking him or her for whatever I genuinely appreciate. Even if I don't think the teacher is particularly fantastic, I find something about the teacher that's special and positive, and I tell the teacher how much it has meant to my child and my family.  I cc: the principal on these emails.  

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  • My sons' school has a big list with some days that are easier, like write a special letter, but other days with small gift cards of $5-$10 and "don't forget the specials teachers"...with my two sons and their 2 teachers in each class plus specials teachers and extended day it is 12 teachers to buy for.  That is a lot of cash as well as time buying special chocolate apples and the last day an "extra special gift--your child will know what to buy".  I really like my sons' teachers and appreciate them, but wow!  We did buy them all nice Christmas gifts!

     I am a teacher too...but in high school they just expect us to provide everything (like pencils, paper, hand sanitizer, and tissues as my students don't bring these things) and we don't get anything...well, last year the administration ponied up for a coozie for us all...(actually, I like and use that coozie, but just saying...!). 

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