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Older names are swinging back into fashion it seems... do you think this name will make a comeback?  Even if it doesn't become popular again, how do you feel about it?

It's my DH's name.  We're considering it for Baby #2, but I feel like everyone hates it.  I know it should only matter what *I* think, but I can't help but feel bothered that everyone thinks I'm saddling my kid with an old man name.

ETA:  We would not use the nn Wally.  DH doesn't use it either. 

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Re: Walter

  • Walter is one I just don't think I can get myself to like, there isn't anything cute about the NN Wally.
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    It's awful. It's like Stanley...never going to be sweet, even if old fashioned names are in vogue.
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  • I wouldn't use it - not because I don't like it, but I don't like when DHs and DSs have the same name. I work with many families who do this and personally I find it too confusing.

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  • Yikes! Not my style at all. Some older names need to stay older.



  • I love it! I think it is the sweetest name for a little boy and would use it in a heartbeat if my husband were on board.
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    Like. Would you call him Walt?


  • I actually like the nn Wally, but that might be because I have an uncle Wally. Walter seems like such an old man name to me, but I like that it is traditional. I think I could warm up to it if I met a cute little baby with the name.
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    Like. Would you call him Walt?


    Yes, I am sure we would! :) 

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  • Its a nice strong name, but still NMS.
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  • It's bound to get some love on this board but I do not see it making a come back any time soon and I personally don't like it. I realize our babies will be grown one day but right now I cannot imagine calling my DS or any baby Walter, but hey, meeting a little Walter might just sway me. 

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    I LOVE Walter and Walt so much!!
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    Yikes! Not my style at all. Some older names need to stay older.



    I agree.

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    I LOVE Walter and Walt so much!!

    Me too! 

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  • If we have another DS (not TTC anytime soon) he would probably be named Walter, I LOOOOOVE it! Then again, DS is Harry, and i know that isn't very popular. I think Wally is an adorable NN.

    And in response to the PP who mentioned Stanley, that one is also on my list. Apparently I like ugly old man names :)

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  • I absolutely love it! :) I would name a little boy Walter in a heartbeat, but my husband doesn't like it.  Boo.
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  • I like it! And I think it works great for all ages, I have a friend whose younger brother's name is Walter, when we were all kids his NN was Wawy

    Now he's on his early 20s and goes by Walter

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    I am not a fan of Walter but I do love Walt!


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  • Big, fat YUCK.

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  • I like it. Remember, your baby will be an adult for most of his life. I wouldn't worry about a name's "sweetness."
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  • I love the name Walter and the nn Walt!


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    It is terrible! It is probably one of my least favorite of the old names. My friends and I were talking about middle names and one of my good friend's DH's middle name is Walter and when he told me, I honestly felt sorry for him. It sounds sooo nerdy.

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  • I think it's very classic and I actually really love the nn Wally!
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  • I like many of the names that fall in the old lady/old man trend, but this is not one at all.  I really, really dislike Walter, like a lot!
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  • Love Walt!  Not a great baby name, but he would grow into it!
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