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Washing LO's hair - help!

I feel kind of dumb asking about this because I feel like I should have it figured out by now.  I'm still having trouble rinsing shampoo out of DD's hair without water running into her eyes.  I've tried putting a towel on her forehead and leaning her over.  She fights leaning over.  I've tried leaning her back, but she doesn't like that either.  I bought one of those no spill pitcher things, but she doesn't like it pressed against her forehead.  We've tried water from a container and water from the shower hose.  We went through a phase where I could pour water slow enough over her head and very little went on her face and she was fine with that.  But now we're back to fighting it.  It doesn't help that DD has super thick and long hair - she's had ponytails since she was 8 months.  Any ideas?

Re: Washing LO's hair - help!

  • How about the shower cap like the hat thing.

    Like this one:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0074DJBXI/ref=redir_mdp_mobile


  • We just use "no tears" shampoo!  By California Baby.
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  • DS is finally getting better with this.  When I rinse his hair I tell him to look "way, way up in the sky" and give him lots of praise when he does it.  It took a few weeks, but he caught onto the idea.  Now we have a lot less tears, 

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  • You're not alone. My DS used to avoid the bath because he didn't want his hair washed. He hates having water get on his face and he won't let me lie him back to rinse nor tip his head forward. I'm going try what the pp said about looking way up in the sky and hope it works. Right now he just cries when the water gets on his face. 
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    DH taught DS to put his hands over his eyes when rinsing. He's still not the best at it, but we have a lot less tears at bath time now.

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    DS screams everytime.  He hates water in his eyes.  I just pour a few small buckets over his head and he screams but not sure how else to do it.  Tried everything also.  Glad I"m not alone. 
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  • Can't you just tell her to close her eyes at this point. This is what I do with both my boys. 

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  • this is part of the reason why her hair only gets washed once a week (sometimes twice). point being: you're not alone.
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  • DS hated getting his hair washed for a long time. We tried using a towel rolled up across his forehead, saying 'look up' & the squishy pitcher too without luck. What finally worked out ok for me was I'd have one hand under his chin, use my other hand to squeeze water from a washcloth at his hairline, then immediately lift his head with both hands so the water would run back. It sounds complicated to type out, but hopefully you can picture what I mean. Big Smile I use a washcloth b/c I felt like I could better control the flow & also so I could use that hand on the other side of his head to lift right after squeezing the water out.

    I'd tilt his head back & make different funny faces/noises so he'd be looking up at me & laughing rather than thinking about the hair washing. I repeated that as many times as it took to get his hair rinsed. Even if he acted like he was going to cry at first I'd still act silly & he'd start laughing. Of course I have a boy with short hair but maybe that would help you rinse the part on her head without it running into her eyes.

    After doing that for awhile he's just finally started trusting that looking up really will keep the water from running in his eyes. He still doesn't love getting his hair washed, but he willingly looks up & even says "look up so the water doesn't get in your eyes".

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