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Recommend a good portrait studio

We want to have some wallet-friendly family pictures taken.  We've seen that Target, JCPenney's, etc. has portrait studios but have never gone to one.   

Please recommend a good place & why you like it.



Re: Recommend a good portrait studio

  • We've used Target the last few years and have been happy with them.  You can go online and print out their coupons as well.  The photographer we usually use is great with DD and gets her to look at the camera when we can't.  Plus she usually gives us some extra freebies as well. 
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  • We've had good luck with Portrait Innovations.
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  • ss+elss+el member

    We love the portrait studio at Target here. The ladies are great with kids. I print coupons off their website for $3.99 sheets. JCPenney studios are run by the same company (Lifetouch), so the quality should be comparable. With the stores new lower pricing strategy, it looks like their sheets are $4 every day. For that price, we get DS' pictures taken every 6 months :)


    To compare, we won gift cards to one of those mall chains and spent over $200 (only $5 after the GCs, thank goodness) on the same number of prints we would have paid Target $35 for and they weren't as good as what we get at Target. 

  • I LOVE PicturePeople.  The pictures aren't as posed/stiff.  Especially for little ones. 

    My Two Cents.

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  • Spin313Spin313 member
    I've had mostly good experiences at Target.  There is one photographer at our local TPS that I avoid like the plague!  I think Portrait Innovations take nicer photos, but the prices are so ridiculous if you want multiple prints.

  • We use Portrait Innovations and LOVE them! For less than $10 you can get over 40 pictures of one pose. They have always taken at least 100 pictures of my son, & I love that you can bring your own props and change outfits several times. Plus they shoot digitally so they bring all the pics up on a large screen and you get to compare 3 at a time and get rid of any you don't like, then you can keep reducing until you have your favorites.


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