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Anyone else not notice growth spurts?

With all the talk about babies being particularly hungry/cranky/sleepy during growth spurts, I have yet to notice one with my LO. He always eats a lot, about every 2-3 hrs around the clock, and is never particularly cranky. Somedays he sleeps more than others but nothing too noticeable. So far I guess we've been through the 10day and 3 wk spurts, I hear terrible things about the 6wk spurt but now I'm wondering if I will even notice it. Anyone else?
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Re: Anyone else not notice growth spurts?

  • I haven't really noticed.  My DS is all over the place so there is nothing noticeable. With the way he eats I feel like he is always going through a growth spurt :-)

  • I have never noticed a one.  Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing!
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  • Exactly! DD has never cluster fed or anything like that. I haven't noticed any growth spurts at all. But she has been fussier than normal lately, but I think it's because we switched from BM to formula. 
  • I didn't notice any of the 10 day, 3 week etc. but I sure as heck noticed the 6 weeks one! No cluster feeding but the return of the evening cranky. :)

    I hope your babies continue to grow without the cranky! :) Someone should have all the luck! ;) 



  • I never noticed any with my daughter - she was just always fussy for pretty much the first 3 months of her life straight :) 
  • Nothing here and we should have just had the 6 week. She did wake up once in the night to eat, but I attribute that to stopping the swaddle. I have not noticed anything at any of the milestones so far. My LO is typically a happy, easygoing baby. 
  • I never noticed much in the first month with either of my girls...I feel like the whole first month is one big spurt anyway as you establish your supply.  However, I did notice the other ones.  6 weeks was a doozy with my first, but not as big a deal with my second...and then we had a wicked spurt at 9 weeks with this one which caught me off guard because I don't even remember there being a spurt at 9 weeks with my first.  LOL

    I really can't imagine that your LO will never show signs of a spurt.  :) 

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  • I noticed the 3 week one. I did not notice any thing at 6 weeks.
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  • DS has eaten every 2 hours since the day he was born... we RARELY go more than 3 hours at night, so no.  I don't notice growth spurt changes... Maybe he has been going through one that lasts 10 weeks??  :)
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  • We had nothing until the 6-week spurt.  DD went from consistently drinking 4 oz every three-four hours, to drinking pretty much non-stop - 4 oz at one feeding, then an ounce every half hour for three or four hours, then slept for three hours and woke up ravenous.  As I told DH, during the spurt, don't discount hunger as a cause for fussing just because she just ate a full meal.
  • I didn't notice the early ones, but I noticed the 6 week one.  It started with her sleeping through the night.  I was so happy that I got a full night sleep, but it was like she was preparing me for what was to come.  She ate every hour and a half, and did not sleep a wink the next night.
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  • Interesting to hear other's experiences! I will be watching for the 6wk spurt, DS is gaining weight like crazy so hopefully it won't be terribly traumatic since he seems to be growing all the time anyways!
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  • We didn't really notice the 10 day or the 3 week ones, but we just got done (I hope) with the 6 week growth spurt and we definitely noticed lol.  So hungry and fussy, but he didn't want to sleep!!!
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