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WIC and GI BIll?

Anyone know if you need to claim GI bill housing stipen on the WIC application? I forgot to ask today when I called. Just curious since its not taxable and we do not claim it on our taxes as income. 
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Re: WIC and GI BIll?

  • Um they never asked me about that and I'm on WIC. I would call and ask just in case because you don't want to be called in for fraud if you're not allowed to have that and be on WIC. Better safe than sorry!
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  • Yeah I am trying to figure out how we even get proof of it, other than printing our bank statement out. But it changed monthly, its prorated on the amount of days you are in class, so it changes. I dont even know. ugh
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  • I'm by far no expert on the subject but since it's a "benefit" and not a taxable income I don't see how they could hold that against you.  That's like them saying financial aid is an income.
  • I have no idea! My husband went to the VA office at his school and asked, and they had no idea and said they have no way of even making a document to prove it. But Iike a PP said I dont want to get in trouble for fraud. 
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  • Just a thought, I don't know if you have to submit them but wouldn't it show up on your bank statements?
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  • We're in the same situation because my husband receives his GI Bill BAH and they didn't ask me at my last two appointments. I wasn't really trying to hide it but now that I think about it, I should have mentioned it. They do ask if there is any other income in the household. I definitely don't want to get caught up in the fraud situation. Let us know what you find out!
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