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Anyone else's newborn only poop once a day?

My DD is EBF but she only poops once a day. This would be fine but it seems like she wants to go more frequently but just can't. She seems to be in so much pain and discomfort until the next time she poops - she seems to spend most of the next 24 hours grunting and crying and pushing until she finally poops. She even pushes and cries in her sleep! I feel so bad for her and it just doesn't seem right. 

 Anyone else in the same boat, or have any advice? 

Oh, and I should add that when she does finally go it's a totally normal, runny poop - so it's not that she's constipated or anything..  

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Re: Anyone else's newborn only poop once a day?

  • DS only goes once a day, usually between 2-4am.  He doesn't seem bothered throughout the day, though.  I asked the pedi if it was normal and she said yeah, they don't get concerned unless they haven't gone for 5 days.  I don't have any advice, though.  I'm sorry your LO is uncomfortable!!
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  • aw, I am sorry your LO is in pain!  DD only poops once a day usually, and it is a doozie.  But, she isn;t in pain.  Maybe try gripe water or some gas drops?
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  • No advice but my dd poops only once a day and it's usually in the middle of the night. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • My DD had the same problem and was also gassy. Cutting out dairy helped and she has been able to poop without pain. She also gets coconut oil (1/8tsp) and a probiotic to help her digestive system. Our doctor mentioned that if the mom's system isn't doing well, then baby's won't be, either. So I take a digestive supplement as well. DD now poops regularly 2-4x a day and has stopped grunting at night for the most part.

    ETA: she was 2 weeks when the problem started, too.

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  • eyenigheyenigh
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    Once a day, around 7:30 am. His grunting has become my alarm clock. I will say, it's really nice, not just because you don't have to change a ton of poopy diapers, but he always stays nice and clean, no traces of rash. It's so much more comfortable for him skinwise.
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  • DD did this same thing for about 3 or four weeks. Then, randomly, she started pooping like eight times a day. She now does a bunch of little poops throughout the day. Makes it REALLY important to stay on top of diaper rash.

     With the once-a-day, painful pooping, my pedi said that it's normal and that they grow out of it, but that you can help them pass the gas associated with pooping by laying them on their back and bending their legs into their chest (you have to press harder than you think). We've had some pretty amusing "exercise" sessions where DD farts several times in a row. :)

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