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Holy irritable!!

I can't help but be an irritable mess lately!  Poor DS1 got the brunt of it this weekend, trying to make a conscious effort to remain calm going forward.  I feel like I am PMS'ing times ten!  Can't recall with my first pregnancy, but hoping this passes - and I am sure DH and DS hopes so too!!!

Re: Holy irritable!!

  • Im the same way right now! But my hubby-to-be works out of town 11 days on 3 days off so the boys I work with are getting the brunt of it right now. I try to not be mean, they dont know im pregnant, but im a snapshow waiting to happen!! Pair that up with all day nausea and im miserable to be around....
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  • Same!! I am a mess.. I was so level headed first go around and this time I'm a crazy person!
  • I literally feel out of control sometimes! Just furious about things that wouldn't normally get me so worked up. I could use some backbone at work sometimes and this is definitely helping! lol.

    I worry about getting so worked up and ticked off about things though, stress isn't good so I keep tryin to talk myself out of it...

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  • Same here! I'm irritable, teary, the whole shebang. I just freaked out on the neighbors (adults, so I'm not too mean) for having their baseball roll into the street and I ran it over and I cried when the couple on Property Virgins picked their house. Oh help us! Wink
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  • Ditto! Things that dont normally bother me are driving me nuts. Like sirens, people talking loudly around me, anyone getting too close. And Ive been bawling for 3 days straight...mainly cause my nausea is making me go insane!! I feel like I have no control over my emotions. So wierd.


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  • Yep - right there with ya! My dogs will start barking at nothing (which they ALWAYS do) and I will start yelling. I usually am used to it and it doesn't bother me.

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  • Same!  I was so mellow the first time and now any little things make me a frothing crazy woman!  I feel like everyone lays low in my house when I am home, which just pisses me off more!  I can't wait for some of the crazy to wear off!
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  • Yes. I work retail, and I nearly took off a coworker's head the other day.
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