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How long are your LO's naps during the day?

Do they make an impact on your LO's night sleep? I am just curious if I am letting him sleep too long during the day. Does sleep really beget sleep?
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Re: How long are your LO's naps during the day?

  • My LO sleeps about the same amount at night regardless of daytime sleep.  I pretty much just follow his lead, putting him down when he is tired and getting him up when he wakes.  He typically sleeps 1.5-3 hours per nap, it's random as to how long, but usually closer to 1.5 hours.
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  • Nat will sleep roughly the same amount each night regardless. The exception is if her last nap is late (like 7-8pm). Then she'll stay up an hour later. But if one day she gets less sleep, she'll make it up the next day with longer naps.

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  • Anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours.  He seems to take one long nap mid morning and one in the late afternoon. 
  • usually 2-3 hours. we try to go to bed by midnight, and there's where a "routine" takes place. she gets swaddled (again) and placed in the rock n play. she lets me sleep 2-3 hours 2 to 3 times without being wide awake at night. so far.
  • Sometimes he has a couple 3 hour naps during the day and sometimes he'll barely sleep, but it never seems to affect his night sleeping.
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  • My DS usually has 2 naps during the day.  For some reason, his morning nap is usually longer than his afternoon one (I've read it should be the opposite). Like many others, naps range from 45 mins. to 2.5 hours, with most naps at the 2 hour mark.

    I have no idea if his naps affect his night sleep.  We usually get a long stretch at the beginning of the night (~5 to 7 hrs) and then a 2 to 3 hr stretch after that, sometimes with one feed, sometimes with two.  It's so random that I don't really know how it all correlates.

    However, I did notice that his stretches of night sleep became longer after I started following a nap schedule during the day.  Maybe they're related somehow.

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  • I can't get her to nap during the day unless she wants it and typically unless I'm holding her. She sleeps great on me but not otherwise.

    She sleeps the same during the night regardless. The only thing that screwes up her bedtime is a nap late in the day - just before the last feeding before bed. Then she'll take longer to get settled for the night.

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