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how to keep kitty out of crib?

So I don't have this problem YET, but trying to take preventative measures before baby arrives and see what other mommies are doing with their indoor cats.

 I have this deathly fear that our cats are going to get into the nursery and jump in the crib after baby comes home. I was all ready to purchase the Cozy Crib Tent II, but then Amazon stopped selling it and I looked everyone for it then my husband sent me this link:


Now I can't think of anything except always keep the nursey door securely closed and never ever let the cats go in there. But I am very worried that one of us will accidently leave the door cracked and cats will get in.

Solutions anyone?? Thanks!!!

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Re: how to keep kitty out of crib?

  • Make them scared of it. Spray them with water, shake a can of coins, whatever it takes to make them realize going in the crib is bad.
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  • We had everything set up before LO got here.  I think both cats went into the Pack N Play once and my husband scared the crap out of them by yelling and chasing them around the house.  They never did it again.  They also attempted to jump in the crib before the mattress was in there and scared themselves.  Now that LO is here, they completely ignore him and don't mess with his things.


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  • I've read to wrap aluminum foil on the railings of the crib, etc.  So that's what I did!  I also lined the PlayYard with foil, and put a sheet of foil across the PlayMat & on his swing/rocker.  Supposedly, when the cats jump on it they hate the sound & feeling of aluminum foil & it freaks them out so they never do it again.  Now, I'm due tomorrow so we'll see what happens when I bring LO home.  But I've had the foil up for about a month to get them used to it beforehand (so when LO comes I can remove the foil & hopefully have no problems).  So far, 1 of my cats tried to jump on the crib - landed on the foil - and after that freak experience hasn't tried to jump up there again :) 

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  • We let him explore the crib when we first set it up, but then started to get onto him whenever he jumped in. He got bored with it pretty quickly. He likes the changing pad much better! Especially now that LO is here, he doesn't really want to have very much to do with her!

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  • We did the foil thing... although now that the foil has been out for about a month my hard headed cat got back in his bassinet... so we're putting the foil back in. It works nice, and is less stressful than spraying or yelling (both of which you'd need to be present to do, which you can't if you accidentally leave the door open)
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  • We have a super aggressive cat (towards us not DD) we had bought the crib tent but because of the crib we have it wouldn't fit so we returned it for the pack n play tent for the living room and put a screen door on her bedroom so that the temperature is the same as the rest of the house and that way the cat can see in and sniff and its not a closed door that he fights to get in all the time.
  • We keep the door to the room open when LO is not in his crib sleeping--  our cat has yet to jump into his crib though he does sometimes nap in there on the floor or a blanket during the day.  Our cat likes to sleep on our LOs playmate in the TV room.  I just keep tabs on how much cat hair is on the mat- I figure a little hair won't hurt my son.

    When my son is in his crib sleeping I either 1- shut the door and use the baby monitor or 2- Keep tabs on where the cat is (this only works during the day obviously).

    I never did foil or anything to teach my cat not to go on baby things.  He (the cat) also has a cat bed he prefers to sleep in or my bed so that probably helps.  Every cat is different though so do what works best for yours.

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  • shannmshannm
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    We have three cats and they never go in our crib.   DS used it for over two years.  It has been up for another few months for DD.  You may be ok especially if the crib is not up against something they would use as a stool (dresser/table).  

    If it does become a problem, then a tent or closed door is the way to go. 

  • I love foil. DH found some fur in my baby's crib the other day. We've been using the bassinet so far, haven't used the crib yet... But I'm putting foil down in there right now. I think once baby sleeps in it the scent is there and kitty won't like it anymore. I know my kitty does not like my baby at all. He's still a bit awkward around him.

    If aluminum foil fails, use a dirty diaper. gross but I'm sure that would work.

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