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+ OPK after temp rise? (chart stalk, please)

Just wondering if any of you ladies have had this happen.  I had a temp rise a few days ago and if I input a dummy temp for tomorrow, FF gives me CH for CD 19.  I usually don't O until the day after a positive OPK.  Has anyone ever O'd before having a positive OPK?  I check OPKs at least 2 times a day, so I don't think I missed my surge.

I did have a few drinks the night before the temp rise, so I wonder if that screwed up my temp.  Either way, I think we will have sex tonight just in case, but just wondering if any of you had any thoughts. 

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Re: + OPK after temp rise? (chart stalk, please)

  • Alcohol usually does increase your temp some, if you mark "drinking" for that day, what does FF do?

    I would wait and see what your next few temps really are, maybe you will actually O today or tomorrow, hence the + opk today. But of course, when in doubt, hump it out, that way you'll be covered no matter when you o'ed!


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  • Ditto PP, alcohol definitely raises your temp. I think you probably O'd today. 
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  • I think if you discard Sunday's temp, the crosshairs will disappear so I don't think you O'd then.  Keep doing the deed until the opk's are negative. GL!
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