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Dr Browns bottles and a 10 week old

I read in another post about changing nipples.  It sounded like after a certain age the nipples should or can be changed out.

My kiddo has no problem sucking down 4 ounces of formula with the nipples that originally came with the Dr Brown bottles.  Do I still need to change the nipples or are we good. 

What are other Dr. Brown Mama's using?

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Re: Dr Browns bottles and a 10 week old

  • Just change them if Lo is collapsing the nipple or not being satisfied by the flow. There is no age or limit, since each baby's suck is different. Hope this helps!
  • I use Dr. Browns and still using level 1. I was using Level 2 for about a week but he kept spitting up large amounts of milk after eating. He drank out of them fine though, no choking of gagging. I changed back to level 1 because I figured the 2's flow was too quick. Try it during the day and see how it goes, your LO might be fine! :)
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  • my 10 weeker still uses level 1s. she seems fine so i havent bothered trying to switch.
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  • We switched to level 2's after about 3 weeks and level 3's at about 5 weeks. He was taking forever to make it through the bottle and seemed frustrated. When you first make the switch, expect a little bit of initial fussing and spilling because they don't expect as much to come out. My little guy was used to sucking pretty hard and would get mad on the first pull since it would fill his mouth. Also, sit them up a little bit so they don't choke. My son seems happy with the Level 3's so I expect we'll stay with them for quite awhile (and the rice cereal goes through, since we added that). He is 9.5 weeks now. Pedo is fine with amount he eats and rice cereal being added this early.
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