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A couple weeks ago I posted this...

I got a call that my son had gotten hurt at daycare and needed to be taken to be seen. Of course, my first thoughts was that something was seriously wrong if they wanted me to get there so quick so I was very worried. I got to the daycare and the teacher, who just happens to be my fiance's friend from high school, brought him out to me and seemed kind of paniced. She told me they had been playing on the playground and he had been pushed to the ground from 5 feet up. My son is 2+ years old and he was pushed by a 7 year old!

I was furious and wanted to know more but shifted my attention to getting him to the hospital. Luckily he did not break anything but did hurt his arm to the point where he needed pain killers. After I got him out of the hospital, I drove back to the daycare to find the mother of the other kid b!tching out the teacher saying that my TWO year old had been taunting her son. My son is very soft spoken, he hardly talks to other kids and is one of the most innocent children that I have ever come across.

The teacher argued with her saying that she had been outside and saw her son block my son from getting past him and without saying anything, shoved him off the edge. Then the psycho b!tch, which is what I now refer her to, told me that my son was a disciplinary issue and that I was a bad mother. I simply replied, "I don't want to hear of your kid being around my baby again," and just quietly left.


And now today....

I haven't taken my baby boy back there since that day and I called today to officially withdraw from the daycare, and when the owner asked why I told her that it was because I was worried about his well-being there. And she started to get pissy with me and told me I was overreacting and that I was blowing things out of proportion and HUNG UP on me. I didn't even bother calling the *** back but I got a call later on from one of the teachers there who is best friends with my fiancee, and she told me that the owner ranted on and on to her about ME. Almost as if she was either stupid or was hoping she would tell me.

Wth, you know? Why did I put up with this?

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Re: Sheeesh

  • LoCarbLoCarb member

    The owner was extremely unprofessional with you on the phone and with other teachers. However, if you put in your withdrawl notice, you won't have to put up with 'this' anymore.

    ETA: I just read your original post and it answered my questions.

    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
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