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Is anyone sending announcements? I did one for DS three years ago, but I feel like no one sends them anymore. And if you do send them, how late is too late to send them? DD is going to be a month this week and i am just getting her pics done this week.

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Re: announcements?

  • Id have them made as soon  as you get the pics. I'm sending announcements but only because im getting 20 dollars free on shutterfly
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  • Same as PP.  I wasn't going to send them, but I got a coupon for Shutterfly.  I live in a small town and wedding/baby announcements are free to put in the paper so I just do that.  Her picture is in the paper with a little column saying how much she weighed and then it lists her grandparents and great-grandparents, most of which live nearby or in the same town.  I really just got the birth announcements so that I could have something to put in her scrapbook and so my family could have that memento...we're also giving my OB one as a thank you for her care and for delivering DD. 

    I don't think people do them much anymore either, but if you want to do them, have them made ASAP.  IMO, it's a little late once LO gets 6 weeks old, but really late by 2 months.  However, better late than never.  I also wouldn't worry about getting one to everyone and their mother.  I'd just have one sent to close family and friends. I've also gotten birth announcements (just a picture and a small write up about the baby) through Facebook and email, which is certainly a more affordable route...Just a thought.

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  • I sent mine out last week. DS is 4 weeks old.

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  • I sent mine this weekend and DD is 5 weeks old.  
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  • Where I live, they are still very common, but maybe it's a regional thing. As soon as we got our photo DVD, I made the announcements. Costco had them ready the next day. I think 2 or 3 months after is just fine. Earlier the better, but not a crime if later--especially for ppl that haven't seen the baby/ don't have FB etc.
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  • I'm sending them. We get our NB pics back on may 7. I hope to have them ordered that week. By the time I get mine ordered and out DD will probably be 4 weeks too, I think it's fine. 

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  • We did, but like pp said it was because I had free shutterfly money.  DH really did not want to send them (he figured everyone who needed to know had seen it on FB), but I did go ahead and order some and send them out.  I also put one in her baby book so that was nice to be able to do that too.
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  • Mine went out last week, before LO hit two weeks.
  • I made ours on tiny They should arrive at people's houses between 4-5 weeks after her birthday. 



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