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Poo Issues?

Hello. Our LO will be two weeks tomorrow. I had tried breastfeeding and pumping while in the hospital and it was a disaster (LO has a pouty chin that she tucks under and I apparently have flat nipples). Anyway, I was pumping as much as I could the first week and supplementing with formula. She is now 100% formula fed.

She was having 4 bowel movements a day in the beginning and then it tapered off to 3, then 2, then she finally had one after 2 days of nothing. She didn't have one yesterday and are hoping she does today. The doctor said to follow up if it has been 48 hours, so we don't need to call them yet.

I am just wondering if anyone else has a newborn that doesn't have bowel movements every day? She is gassy too so we have been giving her Mylicon drops. If she doesn't go today I will follow up with her ped tomorrow. Not sure if it is something with the formula? Everything I read said that it can be normal.


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Re: Poo Issues?

  • My DD started on Similac Advance a couple days after we got home from the hospital.  She was having wet and dirty diapers at every feeding (every 1.5-2 hours).  Although, her poop was pretty runny and she ended up with a severe diaper rash, even being changed that often.  She was having a ton of spit up as well so about 3 days ago we switched to the Similac Sensitive for Spit-Up and although the spit up issue is much better she has only pooped once in 2 days.  I am worried that the new formula is causing her to be constipated.  If she doesn't go today sometime then I plan on emailing her pedi for suggestions/thoughts.  I have heard it is normal also, but to go from 10+ dirty diapers in a day to almost none is enough to have me concerned. 

    Guess I don't really have any advice, but thought I would say that I am right there with you!

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  • My baby girl has also been having poop issues. She took her normal meconium poop in the hospital then 4 days with nothing! My pedi recommended a suppository and she pooped immediately - and a lot too. Then she was regular for about 4 days - 3 or 4 poops a day. Then all of a sudden 48 hours with no poop! Another suppository and another poop. Then again nothing on her own. It has now been almost 3 days and the doc says to give another suppository. He doesn't seem to be overly concerned so I think it is normal. She is breastfed but I supplement with formula, and he thinks it is the formula, I got the kind with iron. I need to find a good formula with low iron. I hope that does the trick!
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  • My daughter was born 04/19 and I've been having all the same issues. At the hospital she was pooping 4-6 times a day. I was breastfeeding at the hospital but due to her little mouth, my flatish nipples, and her little chin I was also having problems feeding her. After about 5 days she wasn't pooping at all. The DR told me to supplement with formula and now she will poop once every 24 hours. She's breastfeed first then given formula, but I think my supply is diminishing. She will feed 30 minutes per breast and still take a full 2 oz. of formula. :-(   I just want her to gain weight and be healthy. Anyway.. my point is yes.. I'm having this problem and my Dr also said to call if 48 hours go by without a poop. Ideally, they should poop a little after every feeding, but I guess our babies have a different opinion.

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